Corporate Taxes

OFG Advisors offers services to corporations and small businesses, including:

• 1120 Tax Returns for C Corporations
• 1120S Tax Returns for S Corporations (Small Business Corporations)
• 1065 Tax Returns for Partnerships
• 1040 Tax Returns for Self-Employed individuals
• 990 Tax Returns for Non-Profit Organizations

Our tax division services are performed in compliance with all current tax codes, rules and regulations. We use the latest information technology and internet resources to make sure our clients are in compliance while maximizing their tax cash position.

Our tax team takes the time to implement strategies that will have a direct benefit to your company. We will analyze and compile your data, looking at minute details, in order to maximize your position. We pride ourselves on our thorough approach which directly benefits our clients.

OFG Advisors has a highly skilled team of professionals including CPA’s and staff with Master Degrees in Taxation.

We can perform compilations and audits in advance of tax return preparation, to ensure compliance and accuracy.

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